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Those Familiar Faces

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

Every now and then, I see or meet someone who reminds me of my late father or late mother. It could be how they look, the way they speak, their personality, or just the way they move.

The way I see it, there are essentially two main ways which one could react to such situations.

One is to begin to badly miss our departed loved ones, and then begin to feel extremely sad.

The other is to take in the moment, embrace the nostalgia, give thanks for the wonderful memories, give yourself a little smile, and then carry on with life with renewed vigor.

For me, in my heart, I tell them that I’ll see them again one day.

In the initial periods, it was very easy to indulge in the former emotion. As time passed by, however, I began to find myself drifting toward the latter scenario.

As you move along in your grief journey, I’m sure you would, too. But remember, there is no fixed timeline, and we need to take all the time we need to grieve and to mourn our loss.

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