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Reaching New Life Equilibriums

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

I realize it’s been a good 9 months or so since I last posted anything on this website.

To me, that can mean one thing – I have very much moved on in my life, and grief for lost loved ones no longer subsumes my everyday existence like it used to.

Surely, that must be a good thing.

Have I forgotten? Of course not. How could I? How could I, ever?

What I would say is that I have reached a new equilibrium in my life. “Equilibrium” is a word which I like to use quite a lot these days. Maybe it’s just a fancier way of saying “balance”.

A new equilibrium – new goals, new beliefs, new passions, new routines, and, most significantly, new outlooks and new ways of looking at things; you could even say it’s a whole new life.

As I look back, each time there was a major change in my life, whether it be the departure of an important person, or the entry of a new one, life almost takes on a new form. Of course, there are some constants. At the same time, though, there are also many changes.

Such life changes, in truth, happen to almost all of us, I would think. An illness, a new job, marriage, and bam! So many things can happen to make life unrecognizable from its previous incarnation.

For all of you out there who are grieving for lost loved ones, this is a message I wish to get across to you – that, one day, you too will reach a new equilibrium in life. While a tinge of sadness will likely remain, there will be many new beginnings, too. As I have mentioned before, one door closes, and another opens.

At this point in time, as you suffer, that new beginning may seem light years away. But it can come, and it will come, if you give it a chance. Here’s wishing you a peaceful and hopefully happy new equilibrium.

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