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One More Christmas With Them

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

It is the festive season again. Sometimes, I can barely believe how each year just zips by before us.

It is a pretty well-known fact that such seasons, where people spend time with loved ones, evoke strong, painful memories for those who have lost loved ones, and strong feelings of loneliness for who do not have loved ones.

It is said that the Christmas period is also when suicide rates are the highest. I have never personally verified this, and it could well be one of those ‘urban legends’ people often speak about.

Both my parents passed on in October. This made the experience still very fresh during the respective December festive periods. Throw in the fact that we had certain family Christmas ‘traditions’, like going to church and a large gathering with extended family, and those Christmas’ felt all the more lonesome and empty.

Indeed, I distinctly remember feeling big voids in December 2001 and December 2005. Big time emptiness. Time heals, though, and wiith each passing year, things become easier and easier.

There is still pining though. And within me, I do wonder – what would I give to spend just *one more* Christmas with the two of them? We could talk, take a walk, reminiscence, and basically have a jolly good time. We could hug, too.

It would so different because we would *know* we only had this one more chance, one more Christmas to spend together.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, my friends. Fill yourself with the company and warmth of loved ones. 25 Dec is but an arbitrary date… let us strive toward making every day Christmas.

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