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Symptoms of Grief

Hanging on to the Past: Mobile Number

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com 

When my mum passed on, my dad took over the use of her mobile phone and number.

Almost exactly four years later, my dad passed on, too. Read more »

Coping With The Fear of More Loss

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

Perhaps, when we were very young, we innocently believed that life was all smooth and rosy and that all the people dear to us would be around with us for a long, long time, if not forever. Read more »

Hurt From The Loss of Many Loved Ones

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

In some ways, my grief experiences — the loss of my parents in my 20′s, which is earlier than most people — have hardened me to the possibility of losing loved ones. Read more »

The Importance of Being Weak

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

This society of ours values strength. The fittest survive, the best win, the strongest top the chart, and what not. Read more »

Guilt, the Undesirable Emotion

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com 

When a loved one leaves, invariably, there would be discussions which have not been completed, conflicts which have not been resolved, quarrels which have not been settled, things which have not been done, forgiveness which has not been given, love which has not been shared, and words which have not been said. Read more »

The Unique Experience of Grief

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

Have you, in your grieving journey, had someone tell you that you are over-reacting, or that you shouldn’t or needn’t be feeling the way you are, or that you should have gotten over it or moved on by now? Read more »

Tears help; let them flow

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve teared or really cried due to grief. For me, the tears come in two main forms – those that come after the recollectation of certain events or words, and those that arrive in the midst of dreams. For the latter, it’s often a blur to me as to whether I actually did awake in the middle of the night and cried, or whether I had simply cried in my dreams. Read more »