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Lessons from Grief

Grief, Suddenly

Eleven years ago, 6 October was also a Saturday.

It was a sunny morning, I remember. Read more »

They Live In You, Not In A House, Nor In Stuff

This is something which I was in the process of writing almost a year ago, but I somehow got distracted. Am now revisiting this topic here.

In August 2010 last year, I moved into a new house. It wouldn’t exactly be a big deal – after all, people move all the time – except that I had lived in the same house all thirty plus years of my life. All the years I spent with my late parents, plus most of the best memories with them, took place in that house and its surrounding neighbourhood. Letting go of that wasn’t exactly an easy thing to do. Read more »

Joining The Dots

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

Losing a loved one is a very trying experience.

At that point, almost everything seems doom and gloom, and life can be pretty empty. Read more »

Coping With The Fear of More Loss

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com

Perhaps, when we were very young, we innocently believed that life was all smooth and rosy and that all the people dear to us would be around with us for a long, long time, if not forever. Read more »

Why Me?

by Reuben M. Chow, Living-With-Grief.com 

I was the first among those close to me to lose a parent. And then I lost the other. Each time, I recall having asked “why me?” It’s a common question, which I’m sure many of us do ask when we encounter setbacks in life. I was in shock, and I was 100% certain I would have treasured my parents better if I had seen this happen to someone else first. Read more »